Tuesday, June 14, 2011

We made it!

After two days, three layovers, and 20-some hours of flying, we finally made it to Ghana last night! Somehow, the flights went extremely smooth this time. After last year's episode, I was slighty terrifed to fly that far. It was also probably the best people-watching journey I've ever had. Going from Washington D.C. to New York to London to Ghana, I don't think I've ever seen so many different ethnicities in one day!

On the way from London to Ghana, we met a doctor who is working at an Ivory Coast refugee camp for six months. She had extremely interesting stories of her experiences in other parts of Africa. Jess and I hope to visit her camps at some point during our trip. Today we picked up the living essentials and are ready to start some research tomorrow:) We meet with Hopeline which is a business-planning program branched from Partners in Health (from GR, MI) in the morning. We are going to be attending a few classes there and meeting with the representative from the U.S. Can't wait to get started!

Also, we are keeping a group blog at sankofa2011.blogspot.com that will probably be our main one from now on. I'll update here occassionally though:)

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