Friday, June 24, 2011

Challenging Heights...growing familiar with the once unfamiliar

So we finally made it to Winneba Monday and have been busy collaborating with Challenging Heights ever since. Challenging Heights is our main partner and also the organization that donated the land to us. Their organization's primary goal is to stop and prevent child trafficking in the fishing industry. Winneba is a major source town for children to be trafficked from. Challenging Heights is purposely centered here to take at-risk children off the streets and placing them in school for a reduced price.

On Wednesday we were finally able to speak with the Director of Challenging Heights, James Annan. The meeting went extremely well and he filled in some large gaps we had in our plan. His ideas and areas of need matched our plans almost perfectly. It was such a relief to have the majority of our questions finally answered. To top it all off, James had been donated more land land right next to the primary school of Challenging Heights and he offered up the area for a program like ours. We are very excited to see what collaborations we can create with this partnership!

After volunteering with Challenging Heights last year, it is such a strange sensation to come back with a whole different purpose. Reflecting back, I realize that Challenging Heights is the entire reason I was stirred to return to Ghana in the first place. They were the ones who brought me to Lake Volta to witness child slavery with my own eyes. After this experience, I swore I would return to Ghana to fight this injustice or at least raise awareness of it in the states. I feel so blessed to have the resources and connections to share with this school and provide help in some way. I had my doubts at the beginning of this journey, but things keep lining up in ways we never expected. I believe God has His hand on us and I feel so blessed to be able to collaborate with such amazing people. Thankyou for your prayers! It's definitely helping:)

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  1. God is working through you both, and it is powerful to hear about. It begins with a little seed planted, and it can grow beyond your wildest imagination. May God continue to bless your work, and the Holy Spirit continue to move to accomplish great things with those you meet.